Thursday, September 8, 2011

If you stop by here regularly you'll have seen the Wordless Sunday challenge that the wonderful and talented Dee started over at Books & Bits and Pieces.

My primary Muse tends to be 15 month old, 13kg weapon of mass destruction who goes by the name of William so I found it a great way to broaden my photography horizons.

I would love to start up a weekly challenge again - if anyone has any thoughts or would like to get involved let me know!!


  1. Since Spring is here, what about things to do with Spring like New life which spring represents? flowers, babies, lambs. blossoms?
    If not ill try think of something else

  2. I wonder if "sunshine and shadows" would be fun - there are so many possibilities! love your photos - thanks for sharing them

  3. Both sound great! I'll put something together and get it started soon - it's been a C.R.A.Z.Y week at work. Back posting soon. Promise


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