Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So you might recall a few weeks back we did a suicide mission an impromptu trip down country to Fielding. If you're stopping by for the first time feel free to check out the post here. I haven't earned my tourist badget in this neck of the woods and I'm pleased to report that the mighty Manawatu exceeded my expectations.

Not only did Bulls product the most to die for cafe in the world (as in it's nearly good enough to warrant the 7 hour car journey down there simply for brunch), but I was blown out of the water by the charm & architecture of W(h)anganui...fancy that!

If you happen to be venturing down yonder with wee one's I highly recommend the following:
  • Mothered Goose cafe in Bulls - a must stop along your journey particularly if you're traveling with children. Will's meal in the picture was children's meal B for the princely sum of $8?! PS - check out their awesome wall affirmation
  • Serjeant Gallery in Wanganui - this free entry Art Gallery was an awesome break from the norm. I benefited from some extra culture (trust me when I say I need everything I can get) and Will, unexplainably, loved it!
  • Virginia Lake in Wangaui - this is a little gem of a park. There's plenty of open spaces for the little one's to terrorise  play with aviaries and fountains (that allegedly light up at night). We didn't actually spend time here this time, but my sister assures me it's a must for any visitor to Wanganui
  • Timona Park in Fielding - boy do I wish they made parks like these when I was a girl. This multi-level slide haven will keep even the most energetic tot entertained at least long enough for you to finish a coffee. Only in New Zealand can you hide 24 hectares of parkland in suburbia...
Here's a few snaps of our fleeting visit. This satisfied customer is already planning her next get away down there soon!

If anyone else has activites worth sharing I'm always keen to hear more!!!


  1. Well that is just the best record of our trip. Not sure you captured how pretty Whanganui was though - might have to go back again. How will you cope ;/

  2. I'd a thunk it! ;-) Hopefully next time you'll have a chance to catch us too

    1. Absolutely Lynette - sorry we didn't get to stop in and see you it was a rush trip. We'll definitely stop in next time!

  3. Beautiful pics - I just LOVE the one of your little man sitting on the stool in the gallery. Simply gorgeous - all of them!!


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