Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Believe it or not, but Will's been on a technology hiatus since we touched down on terra firma back in September. Cameras, Skype, Computers...doesn't want a bar of them.

To be fair, after a lifetime spent in front of the lens he'd earned the break.

We've tried not to push the issue and were rewarded one glorious sunny afternoon in Feburary when he turned to me and said "Mummy, can you take my photo please?"

So here's some Will-candy for the appreciation of his Aunties, Uncles, Nana's, Grandad's and anyone else who feels they haven't seen the wee man in some time. He's delicious!



  1. Wow Jacqs it amazes me that even though its been close to a year since I have seen little Will I am, he just reminds me so much of Ash, not quite a toddler but not quite a little boy, and that grin is just gorgeous. Hope you are feeling good as you head into your final count down xx

    1. Hey lovely - thanks so much for the message! It's so nice to know that you check in here from time to time :) Miss you and your boys - they're gorgeous. I can't believe how big Harry is now. He's practically a little man himself!

      In the final countdown now...we're getting everything ready...but can you every truly plan for number two? You'd be best placed to tell me that. Eeeek - will look forward to sharing the news soon xox


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